Bill Hearn's Biography
Name:  William Burrows Hearn
Born:  June 14, 1955 (My mom and her twin sister's birthday)

Place of Birth:

 Monongahela Memorial Hospital, New Eagle, PA

Time of Birth:

 07:54 A.M.


 Rosemary Shwallon


 August 9, 1975


 John Jacob Hearn (D)


 Rose Mae (Betty) Hearn


 Francis A. Hearn (D)


 William Warden Burrows (D)


 Rebecca Renk Hearn (D)


 Katherine Walsh Burrows (D)

 Kathleen Ann Casciani


 1955 to 1967: 717 West Main Street, Monongahela, PA

The house I grew up in can be seen on my home page, just behind the trolley.  Notice the car parked in front.  It may have been my dad's 1948 Chevy Wagon.
1967 to 1975:  311 Ninth Street, Monongahela, PA
We moved to Ninth Street when I was 12.  I lived with my parents until I married Rosie in 1975
1975 to 1978:  107 Eleventh Street, Apt. #1, Monongahela, PA
Rosie & I Were Married on August 9, 1975 by Father Leger at Transfiguration R.C. Church in Monongahela.  Our first apartment was above what is now the Video Store at Eleventh & West Main.  When we lived there, EMM's Flower Shop was there.
1978 to 1994: 628 Hancock Street, Monongahela, PA
We moved to Hancock Street in the Spring of 1978.  This was my first attempt at home remodeling.
1994 to Present: 699 Maple Drive, Monongahela, PA
We purchased our current home in the fall of 1994. 



Kindergarten, 1960-61 - Lincoln School, 9th. & Lincoln Streets, Monongahela, PA.
Lincoln School was part of the Ringgold School District and is no longer there. The building was torn down when the new high school was built on Route 136.  The elementary schools in Monongahela where consolidated into one building at the former high school building on Chess Street.  The old Bell Tower from Lincoln School was salvaged from the wrecking ball by Eddie Volker, a local auto body shop owner in New Eagle.  He placed it on top of one of his buildings.  
First Grade, 1961-62  - St. Domenic's, Donora, PA.
My sister and I  were bused to Donora while the new Transfiguration School was under construction..
Second through Eight, 1962-69 - Transfiguration R.C. School, Monongahela, PA. 
My sister and I attended Tansfig.  We lived right across Main Street from the church.  The school is located on Chess Street behind the church.  My sister didn't get to go to the new school as she graduated from the eighth grade in Donora in 1962.  I graduated in 1969.  Today, this school is known as Madonna.


Mon Valley Catholic High School, 1969-73 - Coyle Curtin Road, Monongahela, PA.  
My Alma Mater is no longer there either.  The Pittsburgh Diocese closed the school in the eighties because of declining enrollment.  A lot of people had banded together and raised over $1 Million dollars in an attempt to save the school.  But...the diocese closed it and said that families in the Mon Valley could send their children to schools other catholic schools in the area. (The shortest trip being over 15 miles one way) The building sat vacant for many years. The building and property were recently sold and today, they are building a medical facility on the property.  The property is located right across Coyle-Curtin Road from Allegheny Power's Mon Valley Office.  The High School sign and gates are still there.  I have attended all of the 'Class of 73's" Reunions.  Our 30 Year Reunion will be held in 2003.
Mon Valley Vo-Tech, 1971-72 - Speers Industrial Park, Speers, PA.
I took the Electronics' Technology Class my Junior Year at MVCHS.  This was the first year for the Vo-Tech.  I attended Vo-Tech classes in the morning and then attend classes at MVCHS in the afternoon.

Post Secondary:

Penn Technical Institute, 1973-75 - Pittsburgh, PA.
I Graduated from Penn Tech in May of 1975 with Associates Degree in Electronics.  When I first went to Penn Tech it was located on Penn Avenue in East Liberty.  The school moved to it's downtown location in first quarter of 1975.  The school has since moved to the airport area.  I acquired my Federal Communications General Radiotelephone License as part of the requirements for graduation while at Penn Tech.
Work History: WESA 940 AM & 98.3 FM Charleroi, PA.
Position: Part-time Announcer.  I started  working at the Charleroi radio station as a part-time staff announcer while I was in high school.  I was just 15 at the time.  Since I worked the weekends, and I didn't have a drivers license, my dad would drive me to work and pick me up at midnight after sign-off.  While I was working there, I was part of the team that received an award for providing coverage during the flood of the Monongahela River in 1972.  Today, the station has been sold by the local ownership and is now known as FROGGY 98 and is "simulcast" across numerous stations.  The City of License has been moved to Duquesne/Pittsburgh along with their FM Transmitter to Channel 11's Tower on the North Side of Pittsburgh.  (How is a 3Kw Class A going to survive in the Pittsburgh Market with all the stations that have over ten times the power?) The office & studio building sets abandoned behind the Giant Eagle Store in Chamber Plaza.  When I first started working at WESA, Johnny Barbero, the Voice of the Penguins at Mellon Arena was still working there part time.  He was a full time teacher at Carroll Middle School.  Also, Dick Skringer, the guy that is on TV and radio in Pittsburgh for Penn Dot news in the Pittsburgh area worked there part-time.
WJPA 1450AM & 95.3FM,   Washington, PA.
Position: Part-time Announcer.  I started working as part-time staff announcer at WJPA in 1973 while still in High School.  My "On-Air" name was Bill Williams.  I worked there after graduating High School and while attending Penn Tech.  Jim Jefferson who is the current News Director started there as the afternoon staff announcer while I was working there.
WMBS 540AM,  Uniontown, PA
Position: Staff Announcer.  This was my first full time job as an announcer.  I worked there from July of 1975 until February 1996.  The person who's place I took when he left came back and they laid me off.  I started to work there just 3 weeks before I got married.  I Worked Monday through Friday 5PM to 1:30AM and Saturday from 5PM to 10PM.  The Station used to be located on the corner or Fayette and Pittsburgh Streets in Uniontown.  They have since moved and that building has been torn down.
WASP 1130AM,  Brownsville, PA
Position: Staff Announcer.  I started with WASP in July of 1976 after being laid off for about six months.  I got this job somewhat by accident. I stopped by the station one day to see Bob Logue, who had recommended me for the job at WMBS.  It so happened that they were looking for someone.  He introduced me to Carl Laughry the owner of the station and I started the next day.  I worked at WASP for three years as a staff announcer, I also did news reporting, wrote commercial copy and did "stringer" reporting for Associated Press.   Bob Williams (a.k.a. Bob Logue - The Under Cover Club on KDKA-AM, Midnight - 5AM) was my boss.  This station has also since been sold to the FROGGY Chain and are part of oldies "Pickle" stations.
Bernard Busch & Associates (Motorola), Route 51, Clairton, PA.
Position: Installer.  I left WASP in July of 1979 and worked for Busch Radio for six month's.  I traveled all over the Western PA installing commercial two-way radio, mobile telephone and CCTV equipment.
Allegheny Energy Supply, Mitchell Power Station, Courtney, PA.
Current Employer:  I began my career with West Penn Power on January 7, 1980.  When I started, the company was know as West Penn Power, Part of the Allegheny Power System.  The company has since gone through re-organization and as part of Utility Deregulation has changed names.  The company I work for now is know as Allegheny Energy Supply, L.L.C. Below are some of the positions I have held with Allegheny.
January 7, 1980 - First Day - Laborer:  I started with the Power Company as a laborer.  This entailed mostly housekeeping type of work and included running fork trucks, jack hammers, sweeping, shoveling etc. During this time I also was the Plant Mail Run Driver, and did Plant Fire Equipment Inspections.  I trained, qualified and worked as a Barge Handler for Coal Unloading Operations and as a "B" Attendant for the Operations Department.
June, 1981 - Repairman "C":   I was awarded a Repairman "C" Electrical bid and started in the Maintenance Department on June 25th.  
May, 1982 - Shift Repairman "B" Electrical:   I bid and was awarded one of the first Shift Repairman (Electrical) Positions at Mitchell Power Station.  The Shift Repairman jobs were created as part of the installation of the Scrubber on Unit #3.  I worked to the top series position Shift Repairman 'A" Electrical.
April, 1984 - Repairman "A" Electrical (Daylight):  I returned to daylight Maintenance in the spring of 1984.  During this time I qualified for the Position of Relay Tester and worked that position as required.
July 1984 - Coordinator/Relief Supervisor: The first coordinating job I worked was the Coal Barge Unloader Controls Replacement.  I worked the Night Shift during this project.  The  work was completed during the Miner's Vacation on 2 shifts so as to not impact Coal Unloading for Plant Operation.  As Relief Supervisor I filled in a necessary when any of the Maintenance Supervisors where not at the station.
April 1987 - Power Station Training Representative:  I was the first Training Rep. at Mitchell.  I was responsible for setting up the Training Center and equipping it.  I developed the first Skills Training Manuals for Operations and Maintenance Personnel and developed and produced the Introduction to Mitchell Video.  I was also involved with developing many system wide training programs.
May 1991 - Maintenance Supervisor (Relief):  I returned to the plant as a Relief Maintenance Supervisor.  During this time I did special projects and filled in for the regular Maintenance Supervisors.
July 1996 - Equipment Service Supervisor:  As a result of the Company Reorganization, My title was changed and I was assigned a crew.  I was the first supervisor of the Results Instrument Technicians at Mitchell PS.  Previously, the Technicians and Lab personnel reported directly to the Results Superintendent.  That position was eliminated as a result of reorganization.  My crew is responsible for maintaining the plant instrumentation systems.
Some of the Teams and activities that I' m currently or have been  involved with at Allegheny/Mitchell:
  • Fire Brigade Chief
  • Fire Brigade Instructor
  • First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor
  • Mitchell Power Station Joint Safety Committee Member
  • Allegheny Energy Supply Safety Steering Committee Member
  • Work Management - Scheduling Team
  • Work Management - Maintenance and Operating Philosophy, Pro-Active Maintenance Team
  • NOx Second Phase Implementation Team
  • Station Activities Committee
  • President, APS Federal Credit Union
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